UNITEDFILM, the way of independent film

UNITEDFILM is a non-profit creative association founded in 2006 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, based on the ideals of independent film production. It aims to support independent non-commercial film production in fully professional quality. The origin of the name comes from the unity and integrity of the film makers, which leads to greater strength in furthering of the goals and ideals in the socialist, conservative and legislatively rigid country such as Czech Republic - a country of the former eastern block.

The first period: 2006 - 2014, production in the first place

The team has reached several milestones in its younger years. It realized or co-created about 12 film projects. It produced so far the most successful own non-commercial independent film which was licensed by Czech Television where it was viewed by about one quarter million viewers and holds a solid rating of 90% in the Czechoslovakian film database. It competed on festivals abroad in the USA, Germany, and Luxembourg. So far the best accolade was earned on the Mladá kamera independent film festival with several first places, the best Czech film in Regensburg, or the silver medal in the "world championship" at UNICA. It cooperated with famous celebrities such as Zdeněk Svěrák or Kryštof Hádek. The team has also created several advertisements, music videos and its latest short film became the first ever in the Czech Republic which was produced entirely on freeware. That same film earned the third place in the national film competition and earned the award from the Czech Radio on the television comedy festival Novoměstský hrnec smíchu.

The film organization also supported the first era of the art cinema Central in Hradec Králové for several years, which led to earning the Europacinemas award. It also produced several spots and introductions for the cinema, also among the first ones to do so in the digital cinema standard 4K and 3D.

The 2014 period - the present, the effort to reform the Czech cinematography

Since 2014 Unitedfilm in cooperation with Impuls Hradec Králové aims for three key projects. The first is the reform of non-professional film, definition, establishment and popularization of the new category of independent non-professional film on the state-wide scale. The second is the community and information web portal (the first of its kind in CR) for independent film intended to confront with the foreign and Czech professional film productions and service for the independent films in the form of publishing information, interviews, reviews and their media content including the films themselves. The third is the research and education in postproduction infrastructure using freeware in which Unitedfilm sees the future of the free film production (without expensive licence fees to the software corporations).

In 2015 a director Jan Hřebejk and a scriptwriter Petr Jarchovský became the godfathers of Unitedfilm. The many world-famous film making and acting personalities like Miloš Forman, Jiří Menzel, Jan Hřebejk, Fero Fenič, Jiří Mádl, Radim Špaček, Miroslav Janek, Theodor Pištěk, Tomáš Vorel, Pedro Almodóvar, Krzyzstof Zanussi, Chris Weitz, Jack Gold, Lance Hool, Jesse James Miller, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Paul Belmondo and others also express their sympathies towards Unitedfilm's cause.


Unitedfilm has created and continually maintains a list of independent film makers - the so-called new wave of Czech independent film, it also maintain a independent films catalogue with many films available to see online, it wants to offer an open register of locations and actors (the beta version is in development). In cooperation with Filmdat it prepares the establishment of the independent film category, its database system, which will cooperate with popular can databases and will serve for submitting films to festivals.


In the future the organization wants to co-organize educational events, create a dramaturgy center, partake on building a solid foundation and equipment rental for independent film makers, include the new category into the consideration of the state cinematography support funds, providing internships in the professional film crews and develop independent film festival CinemaOpen into an international film competition.

Among the other prepared projects is the academy of independent film, the award for the independent film of the year, internet show about independent films, the film league ladder or the independent film app. The virtual peak goal of Unitedfilm, among others, is the effort to directly support film production using the established fund or foundation for low-budget projects and minority genres.


In 2015 Tomas Burian initiated and executed Unitedwalk, a project during which he walked about 2000 km in two months from Czech Republic to Sweden in support of independent film. He researched the situation in other countries and spread the idea of Unitedfilm into northwest Europe. He created a series of video blogs along the way.

Unitedfilm is also the author of a 52-page conception material New adventures of independent film in Czech Republic, which maps the origin of non-commercial film production in CR, points at the problems and suggests solutions, new divisions and categories. It also confronts with the ideals of the American independent film and famous world film personalities (Krzyzstof Zannusi, Chris Weitz, Jan Hřebejk, Miroslav Janek and others). The material serves as the foundation for negotiating with the higher representatives responsible for supporting Czech cinematography. This document is also supported by Filmdat - international registry of non-professional film, Nippos Artama - national information and consultant center and Impuls Hradec Králové – artistic activities support center.


uf promo 600There is a new project growing under Unitedfilm's roof; Unitedfight, the allegorical form of expressing the fight for the independent film against the corrupt mainstream, following a group of three heroes who, in the neo-punk world, set out on the road to bring down the reign of commercial film industry. The first output of this effort is the characters - Unitedfilm's mascots and the first episode of the comic books.




A key motto for us:

„The best way to learn to make a film is to make one!“ Stanley Kubrick