Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Tvůrčí duo ve složení fotografka - korektorka Eva Csölleová a spisovatel - redaktor Vítek Formánek. Specializují se na interview s tuzemskými a světoznámými osobnostmi. Zajišťují spojení s hlavními filmovými festivaly v ČR.

America say that it is a country of unlimited possibilities.We won´t discuss it since another big nation once stated that by them“ Tomorrow means yesterday“.Every American lives his „American dream“ which is run by dollars and has a hope that even the poorest person can become a millionaire.Again we won´t discuss it since even in our country many poor people became millionaries, but we doubt their fair way to wealth.

Nevertheless story of Hal Needham is real classic story how poor man became a millionaire by dedication, hard way and big effort.He was born in 1931 and became the most famous personality in Hollywood, who came from stuntman to actor to director.Apart some box office hits he put some „ first“ under his belt, too.He was the first man who tested airbag, first director who used unused scenes at the end of the movie, during credits.A car owned by him reached as first one a supersonic speed.To make that interview complete, it took us 7 months but an interesting story was compiled. Sadly Hal died from cancer on 25.10.2013 so this story is well fitted tribute and epilogue.

One of the guests of FebioFest 2019 was Chilean director Valeria Sarmiento. We took an interest in her not only because she was a wife of important Chilean director Raúl Ruiz, but also because they both had to escape from Chile after Junta coup´d´etat and start new life in France. Although we are not familiar with her films, aforementioned facts urged us to make interview with her.

British director Jim Loach is a son of much respected and acclaimed director Ken Loach. He arrived to Zlín Film Festival between shooting just for 17 hours during which he managed to open screening of his film Measures of the man ........and gave us and interview. We didn´t know about his existence up until about month ago when we saw his movie Oranges and Sunshine, which we liked very much. But we fell in love with Jim within 20 minutes since he is very modest, nice, friendly and approachable and we liked his attitude towards filming.

One of the star guests of FebioFest 2019 who received Kristian award was Danish director Bille August. He was born on 9.11.1948, studied photo-documentary school in Stockholm and graduated from Danish film school. He is one of the few directors who won Cézar Award in Cannes twice. He broke into stardom by Oscar winning movie Pelle the Conqueror starring Max von Sydow.He collasborated with other notable stars such as Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Uma Thurman, Liam Neeson among others. Ingmar Bergman asked him to direct a film With best intentions for which he wrote a script. Bille August is quiet, remarkable man who now works in China where he opened a studio and made films produced by Tianpeng Media.

Greek-American film maker Steve Krikris was invited to Febio Fest 2019 and showed here his film “ The Waiter”. We knew nothing about him but the fact that he moved from America to Greece and not vice versa, to make movies was big enough incentive for us to ask him for interview.

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