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Today´s world is fucking crazy, we don´t have to discuss about it. Activist bodies like Me Too or Black Lives Matter judge and execute, without giving a chance to “victim” comment or defend. They liquidate careers or destroy lives of people THEY think are evil. This Witchhunt is followed by hard censorship and now American Academy set up new standards for films that want to get nominated fort Oscar award.

Oscar used to be the utmost accolade for any director, actor or actress. But now it´s just pale shadow of its glory and films will be judged not by real artistic quality but according to who will be the most pliable and will abide by the standards. Films made in 60´s such as Defiant Ones, Guess, who is coming fort dinner? or In the heat of the night had black actor (Sidney Poitier) because it has it´s sense and the plot was about racial problems. It was natural and these films went into Golden History of film. Who of us remember who won the Oscar in 2014, and where did these films end?

British Channel V made a miniseries about Ann Boleyn (1501-1536) decapitated wife of Henry VIII. She was depicted by black actress Jodie Turner-Smith, and it became a fucking joke since it defied the history. Nobody in Royal family was black. When Hollywood made remake of popular movie Ghostbusters, where all lead roles were women, it flopped. You can´t force certain things, it doesn´t work

Art, be it in music, painting, film or literature is an art since the artist does it his own way. We had gifted people like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Alfons Mucha, Antonín Dvořák, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Andy Warhol, James Dean, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, Milos Forman and others who had that talent and that little bit extra, that made them who they were. Others who tried their craft but simply lacked that gift, didn´t make it. That is the fact and it has nothing to do with race or colour. (We have never read about any outstanding painter or musician from Zaire or Chad who would go to history by doing something outstanding. FACT

During 50´s and 70´s Czech culture and of course film was heavily censored and has appointed people who were protecting “purity” of these films from any “anti-regime “flaws. They tried to find anything   which could look like having double meaning in a plot or dialogues. So only handful of really good films were made, others, agitated and politically correct got onto screen only to end in the trash bin.

Directors who darer make film their own way were either under watchful eyes of the Party supervisors, or ended up in the „in the cold” for decade(s). Also the actors, who participated in certain films, which ended up in „safe“for next 20 years, were denied making their living. What was their crime???? They only made art, told the truth. Directors who wanted to make their name and were licking the arse of leading communist party were usually second rate men who just got on the flow. Some actors who couldn´t even cross the stage, but owned Party ID card were in demand while really true pros were denied from doing their profession. The banned films found their ways to public and are still remembered and watched these days, while agitation and films with standards are long forgotten.

Art can´t be lined by standards, where is the artistic freedom???? Oscar award will be “worth” as much as communist medals for „ Outstanding work “.


Here are those standards and (we think) they are in direct opposition to artistic freedom.


1) To meet the onscreen representation standard, a film must either have at least one lead character or a significant supporting character be from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, at least 30 % of secondary roles must be from two underrepresented groups, or the main storyline, theme or narrative must be focused on an underrepresented group. According to the academy, underrepresented groups include women, people of colour, LGBTQ people or people with disadvantages.

2) In order to meet the standard a film must have either at least two leadership positions or department head be from underrepresented groups and at least one be from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, at least six other crew members be from underrepresented racial or ethnic groups, or at least 30% of crew members be from underrepresented groups.

3) This category deals with paid internship and apprenticeship opportunities as well as training opportunities for below- the- line workers. The film distributor or financing company must have at least two interns from underrepresented group.

4) This group addresses representation in marketing, publicity and distribution teams. The film´s production, distribution or financing company must offer training or work opportunities to people from those underrepresented groups.


Academy president David Rubin says: “We believe these inclusion standards will be a catalyst for long-lasting essential change in our industry.”




Britain is always copying America, so no wonder that BAFTA shook up its rules in 2020 in an attempt to address a lack of diversity in the British Academy of Film and Television Art nominations. In 2020, no women were nominated for best director for a seventh consecutive year (probably because none of them deserved that- editor) and all 20 nominees in the lead and supporting performer categories were white. Under new rules, this year four of the six filmmakers nominated for best director were women.

What a quick change for better!!!!! See, it works, more the merrier. Soon white director or actor (man) will have to explain how come that he won the trophy and will be questioned if he doesn´t feel sorry that he bet black transsexual with one leg.

To us, it is the same, when only students who had A grade could apply for university. But since they were all white, new rules were set up, allowing students even with D grade to do so. And look at the diversity now? It doesn´t matter, that university standard lowered alarmingly, but education and results aren´t important, only the diversity is name of the game.


Welcome on highway to hell.