Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Tvůrčí duo ve složení fotografka - korektorka Eva Csölleová a spisovatel - redaktor Vítek Formánek. Zkušenosti mají s prácí pro časopisy jako Cinema nebo Interview. Vydali desítku knih u nás i v zahraničí. Zaměřují se na interview se zajímavými lidmi či osobnostmi kulturní scény z celého světa.

Thor Pedersen hails from Denmark and did his national service as Royal guard. He visited every country in the World on shoestring budget and without using air transport. That was one of the reasons, why we asked him for interview and he duly obliged within a week.

British born-American-based director Mick Jackson (4. 10. 1943) must be a fine man. When we wrote him after 11 years and asked him for autograph and request for interview, he replied with long personal letter and gave us happily his e-mail. We sent questions and he replied with 12 pages which is unheard of these days from film department people.

www.unitedfilm.cz creative duo Vítek Formánek and Eva Csölleová has reached their creative Mt. Everest and had their book published in USA by explorer, publisher and motivative speaker Aaron Linsdau. The book WASTED LIVES OF UNSUNG HEROES brings stories of brave Czech airmen who fought in Britain during WWII and suffered back home in communist regime for fighting on "wrong" side. Published stories are tribute to these heroes and western readers may not even be aware of them.

Erik Johansson (1985) is a Swedish photographer and retoucher, self- made man, who currently lives and works in Prague and is an author of incredibly beautiful surrealistic photos, where he connects two worlds. He graduated from university in Gothenburg and has master degree in Interactive design. He was very approachable and helpful and despite his busy schedule, the interview was completed within couple of weeks.

Robert De Niro was born on 17. 8. 1943 in New York. His parents who were painters, got divorced when he was only two years old. He became famous for meticulous preparation for his film characters to who he later managed to integrate. He protects his privacy, doesn´t talk about his childhood and doesn´t give interviews, so only way how to learn something about him and write a tribute article-which he deserves-is to use information from his biography written by John Parker. We wish him a HAPPY 80. BIRTHDAY.


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