August 18, 2016

Simon Fitzmaurice: Triumph of strong human will and determination

When we were at Zlín Film Festival, there was screening of a film called “ My name is Emily” directed by Simon Fitzmaurice. Probably it wouldn´t be anything special in flood of other films but we read that this director…
July 15, 2016

Andrew Holmes: Cameras have fascinated me and I always loved creating images

Andrew Holmes is Canadian filmmaker who we were recommended by another director from country of Maple Leaf Jesse James Miller.It took some time since Mr. Holmes was shooting film but worth waiting for since his story is just incredible.
June 28, 2016

Paul Wells: Guys like Spielberg or Lucas liked and were inspired by Karel Zeman

When we came to Zlín film festival we knew nothing about Paul Wells. Artistic director of the festival Markéta Pášmová told us he is interesting man and worth an interview. So we applied for that, hastily produced questions and waited.…
June 16, 2016

Derya Durmasz: It´s very difficult for young film makers to make a film

Turkish cinematography is not the one we would know very much about so we jumped at a chance to talk to the top Turkish actress and director Derya Durmasz at the Zlín film festival. It was really an eyes opening…
May 30, 2016

Nils Malmros - I have filmed my own life

Sometimes the most known personalities don´t have the most interesting story, but those less known are just the opposite. That is the case of a Danish director Nils Malmros whose name didn´t ring the bell to us before the Zlín…
May 30, 2016

Peter Morgan - I saw many people whose first successful screenplay destroyed their career

This British film writer is a very interesting person. His mother was a Polish who escaped from Russians who killed her parents. His father was a German Jew who escaped from Hitler. They met in England. Peter is a son–in-law…
May 19, 2016

Antonio Saura- I always want to produce films I am proud of

This Spanish producer, son of famous father Carlos Saura appeared on Prague FebioFest 2016 three years after Geraldina Chaplin, who was a part of Saura´s family for many years. It would be a sin not to meet and talk to…
May 6, 2016

Rebecca Cremona: Making film is an art of compromise

When we spotted the name of director Rebecca Cremona from Malta on the guest list of FebioFest 2016 we applied for an interview. Since we knew nothing about film industry in this country, who better to ask than the first…
April 1, 2016

Peter Mullan - We should be grateful for what we have and not complain all the time

Honestly speaking, about three weeks before FebioFest 2016 we didn´t know who Peter Mullan is.Although he acted in films like “Braveheart”, “ Trainspotting”, “War horse” or “Harry Potter” one can´t know everybody and also doesn´t watch everything.But he won our…
March 22, 2016

Daniel Brühl: It is nice when film helps to change for better something in the world.

The main star of FebioFest 2016 was German actor Daniel Brühl. Despite having many awards under his belt and starring in films in Europe and America, he has both feet on the ground. He can be described as intelligent Mr.…
March 11, 2016

Krzysztof Zanussi: Master of European non commercial films

Krzysztof Zanussi was born in Warsaw before the outbreak of war on 17.7.1939. In 1955 he started to learn physics at Warsaw university since he didn´t believe that culture can be free in Poland of mid 50´s. After four years…
March 2, 2016

Pancho Kohner: Film producing is not an easy job

Kohner is household surname in Hollywood since early 40´s. At that time a Jew born in Czech town Teplitz named Paul Kohner came here with his wife, Mexican actress called Lupita Tovar - He established an agency and his clients…
February 16, 2016

Theodor Pištěk: One has to be born with fantasy

Theodor Pištěk is the man of many talents.Painter by trade, but also respected film designer and car driver.One doesn´t get a chance to make interview with him every day.So when we realized he was honourable president of film comittee at…
February 3, 2016

David Frankham: I was at right time at the right place

English actor David Frankham shows that one should follow his dreams. He did something that is impossible these days. In 1955 he decided to go to Hollywood to become and actor without actually having any acting experience and without knowing…
January 26, 2016

Jonathan David Dixon: I take acting very seriously and I am constantly studying other actors

Jonathan David Dixon is versatile actor working at Santa Fé. We got in touch via Hollywood actor David Frankham and after becoming penpals we found enough courage to ask Jonathan bunch of questions to suss out how hard job the…
January 18, 2016

Lupita Tovar, I had very adventurous and romantic life

Lupita Tovar is one of the few remaining actresses from silent movies era still alive. Born 1910 in Mexico, she played in 35 movies between 1929 -1945. Her son Pancho Kohner, Hollywood producer helped us with interview.
January 6, 2016

Filmmaking is the ultimate artistic collaboration, Jesse James Miller

Jesse James Miller is young filmmaker from Vancouver.Canada.He does almost everything at his films and so far you can find his name under documentary Uganda Rising or under films Corked, Rabbit,The Seamstress or Redwood. We met him at Zlín festival…
December 28, 2015

Philippe Muyl: Every new film is the first one, for each of them, I need to fight very strongly

French director Philippe Muyl is the prototype of independent film maker.At the age of 15 he started studying graphic art.Then worked as an artistic director for few years. His experience helped him in next position as head of advertising for…
December 22, 2015

Scott Rosenbaum: Story is the key factor

Young American director Scott Rosenbaum belongs to those artists who try to go their own way in quest to make a movie without being dependant on big studio. He wants to be independent and have everything under control. He hails…
November 25, 2015

Hollywood without a make-up? Ilona Herman

Make up artist belongs to film as any other profession. Meeting someone who does that is always interesting and to meet someone who is personal make up artist for top Hollywood actors like Roberto De Niro, Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage…
October 28, 2015

Tomy Wigand - If I can´t put my heart and soul into film, I won´t make it

Tomy Wigand is German film director.He started with TV- Commericals and was awarded Bronze Lion at Cannes 1990.He worked mainly for TV.In 2000 his feature film, comedy “Soccer rules” won many German accolades as did his following project “The Flying…
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