November 27, 2017

Christian Dyekjaer: I love to tell stories and also have a need to express my self

Christian Dyekjaer is Danish filmmaker born on 5.6.1971 in town Gentofte.He started his career in 1998 when directing TV serie called“ Hvide logne“.Two years later he again directed TV serie „ Hotellet“. His feature film came in 2002 and was…
October 31, 2017

Steve Lichtag - Festivals jury usually prefer good story to technique or quality of the picture

Steve Lichatg was born on 4.3.1954 in Znojmo as Zdeněk Loveček.He attended Conservatoire for literature and drama in Brno and acquired first theatre experience in Karlovy Vary, Prague and Jihlava. Soon he also found a job in front of the…
October 12, 2017

Agnieszka Holland - More expensive film means less freedom

Well known and respected Polish director Agnieszka Holland was a star guest of FebioFest 2017.She has fans on both sides of Atlantic and is signed under such films as Europe, Europe, Burning Bush or Angry Harvest.In Prague she introduced her…
August 29, 2017

Milan Cieslar: I am totally independent artist

Milan Cieslar is screenplay writer, producer and director who has around 30 titles under his belt.He chooses interesting and different topics and his biggest success was a war movie called „Der Lebensborg-Pramen života“.So far his last movie „ Život je…
August 29, 2017

Abel Ferrara: Don´t worry about films you are making, worry about the life you are living

Icon of American independent film Abel Ferrara was the guest of FebioFest 2017. He was kind of mercurial and at the beginning of press conference it seemed,.that he cares more about the copy of his film then about journalists who…
August 16, 2017

Miro Remo - In my films I tell people to think more

Miro Remo is very extraordinary film maker from Slovenian town Ladca where he was born in 1983.He studied VŠMU (Musical university) and for more than 10 years he is making documentaries. He writes scripts himself, stands behind camera and also…
July 3, 2017

Daniel Huttlestone - You can become an actor with bit of talent and luck but with no education

This 18 years old guy from London has probably acting is his blood. When he was nine he made his stage debut as Nipper in Oliver. Then he played Gavroche in Les Miserables. Then was invited for same role in…
June 22, 2017

David Kinsella - I always have to find some kind of humanity in every film I make

This much awarded Irish photographer -cum -film maker living in Norway was a guest of Zlín Film Festival 2017. His incredible way of filming, shooting in North Korea and stories behind that made our interview jaw draping experience.
June 1, 2017

Ulrich Thomsen - You have to have a courage to stand for what you believe in

Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen was the guest of FebioFest 2017. He made a name for himself in theatre and made a film debut in 1994.So far the biggest international chance came in 1999 when he played in James Bond film…
May 15, 2017

Duncan Kenworthy-Film is a conversation between director and audience

British producer Duncan Kenworthy is a producer of such box office hits as Love Actually, Notting Hill or Four weddings and one funeral. He received five BAFTA Awards, three EMMY Awards and nomination for Academy Award. This fine, pleasant, witty…
April 26, 2017

Fatmir Koci - Independent film scene doesn´t exist yet but´s is being built

Albanian cinematography is not the best known in the world so to meet an Albanian director and have a chance to talk to him is very useful thing.We have met Fatmir Koci, well established and very likeable film maker from…
March 20, 2017

Jeroen Krabbé - I see the end of my career behind camera

This Dutch actor was born in 1944 to the family of well known impressionist painter.He studied acting on Amsterdam Academy of dramatic Art. His first big chance was offered to him by friend, director Paul Verhoeven in film “Soldier of…
March 6, 2017

Mikk Granström: For me movie means telling stories

First moving picture was showed in Estonia already in 1896.First cinema was opened 12 years later in Tallin In 1930 local actress Miliza Korjus was nominated for Academy Award and she had successful career in Hollywood. Later the film was…
February 1, 2017

Legendary Smyczek: Beginning filmmaker should have desire that what he film will interest somebody

Karel Smyzcek was born on 31.3.1950 in Mělník.He made his acting debut in 1959 in film made by Milan Vošmik called “ Zpívající pudřenka” and since he was good, more offfers came later.He attended FAMU (Film and musical academy) and…
January 26, 2017

Steven Wouterlood: There is always something educational in my films

When we saw the name of this director in the program of Zlín film festival, we thought it could be good to meet him, specially if he is an independent director. He was very friendly an approachable and the interview…
January 4, 2017

Stanley Kubrick: Film classic, who never repeated himself and always pushed the envelope with each film

British director Stanley Kubrick is considered to be one of the most extraordinary directors of all time. Some of his colleagues even say that film history is divided into two parts BEFORE Kubrick and AFTER Kubrick.
November 11, 2016

Frank Berry: I have always been passionate about films

Irish director Frank Berry was a guest of Zlín film festival 2015 where he introduced his brand new film “ I used to live here”.Since we don´t know much about Irish film and the topic of his film was interesting,…
October 12, 2016

John Carpenter: I had to write my way into the film business

John Carpenter (1948) made many films on the field of horror and sci fi between 1970- 1980 which became cult movies and influenced many other film makers. He not only wrote screenplays, directed and produced films, he also edited them…
October 5, 2016

Kurt van der Basch: Storyboarding helps to calculate a film budget

One of the most interesting guests of Letní filmová škola in Uherské Hradiště was Canadian storyboarder of Dutch origin, living in Prague, young Kurt van der Basch.He was there only for one day since the following one he flew to…
September 19, 2016

Respected and versatile Czech director Jiři Strach

Jiří Strach (1973) is well respected and versatile Czech director who can direct well either: war movie, drama, fairy tale or comedy. Former young film star swapped his position from “in front” of the camera to “behind” the camera but…
September 8, 2016

Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc: Story being the most important

Every film fan surely saw“ Aliens“ or“ Terminator“ and spotted handsome bloke helping and protecting Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton .That was Michael Biehn (born 31.7.1956) who celebrates 60th birthday this year. We thought it would be good idea to…
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