November 19, 2022

Martin Doležal v rozsáhlém interview o jeho filmové tvorbě I

Martin Doležal je jedním z nejvíce plodných nekomerčních filmařů českého filmu. Za více než deset let své činnosti navštívil několikrát prakticky všechny filmové festivaly v Česku. Jeho poslední hraný film, s příznačným jménem Poslední rána, sbíral mnohá ocenění nejen na domácí, ale…
August 14, 2020

Michael J. Fox: Honest confession of Hollywood star

Canadian actor Michael J. Fox was born on 9. 6. 1961 in Edmonton. His young look and small height of only 169 cm allowed him to play much younger characters than he actually was. Fans loved him as Alex Keaton…
October 4, 2018

Mike Leigh: I want to make only films I want to make

English director Mike Leigh (1943) has pretty unique style of work with actors and making his films. Often his films start without script and develop through improvisation of actors. Nomination for Academy Award, winning Palm´d Or in Cannes or BAFTA…
March 14, 2018

Marko Škop: I like to depict penetration of our microworld with macroworld

Slovakian director Marko Škop (1974) introduced his feature film debut “ Eva Nová”. Up until now he was predominantly focused at documents for which he got awards at foreign festivals. He established his own production company “Artileria” in order to…
February 1, 2018

Jiří Menzel: Film maker-beginner can make do with guts. But he has to know the trade!

Jiří Menzel is one of the most known, well respected and globally applauded Czech filmmaker. His way how he got to directing films was explained short while ago in his memoires book called „ Rozmarná léta“.
August 1, 2017

Peter Suschitzky - Technology makes job easier but doesn´t replace artistic abilities

Top British cinematographer Peter Suschitzky works behind lenses for over a half of century. He collaborated with big bunch of directors but the biggest joy and success he gained alongside David Cronenberg with whom he made 11 movies. Very kind…
June 28, 2017

Robert Kolinski - I am driven by pure passion

At Zlín Film Festival had its premiere a documentary film Make a comedy is no fun about Czech our Oscar winning director Jiří Menzel. It probably wouldn´t be such a big surprise, since film festivals are about films, but what…